Project Faultless 09-10-08
Two years ago I visited the site of the last underground nuclear test and found some very newly installed monitoring equipment on a freshly scaped off area just to the north of Ground Zero. See photos I took here: Camo Dudes, Lunar Crater, Project Faultless   Scroll down 2/3rds the page to see Project Faultless photos. Although I didn't take photos, the road back into the site was one and a half lanes wide at the most and narrowed down to one lane back near the site and even went down through a gully before going uphill to the site. Now, 2 years later, look at the road:
Moore's Station Road

   Moore's Station Road today...2 eighteen wheelers could pass at speed if needed...As well kept as Groome Lake Road.
   Below is Moore's Station Road where it used to go down through a gully:
Moore's Station 'Gully'

  Upon reaching the site a saw 2 eighteen wheeler flatbed trucks leaving the area. One had a large Track Hoe on it and the other a D6 or D7 Cat Bulldozer on it:
   Below is a Compactor/Roller that a 3rd eighteen wheeler flatbed came to pickup as I was leaving.

  There has been a great deal of excavations done all around the site as shown in the photos below:


     More disturbing than the excavations around the site are the 4 or 5 recent drill holes with metal box covers for monitoring equipment all around Ground Zero at from 100 meters to 300 meters distance. There could be more but here are photos of the ones I found in my brief visit:

Drill Hole#1
Drill Hole#2

Drill Hole#3
Drill Hole#4
Drill Hole#5
Drill Hole#6

     Here's a few photos of the Drill Hole and cover box I photographed last year except now the 'JoBox' is gone and a new transmitter tripod is next to it:
2yr old site

2yr old site w-transmitter

           Here's a shot of the transmitter and inside the transmitter's equipment box:

Inside Transmitter

    Appears to be some sort of Cellular link....Note "Rifle Verizon" on transmitter. Phone number is to a data modem too.

      So let us review the FACTS: Road Improvements Over $100,000. Excavations at least $50,000(Probably much more for both). Four or Five Drill holes with equipment boxes and obvious monitoring activities around this nuclear blast site.  WHAT is being Monitored and by WHOM? The Department of Energy?  Don't you think the Citizens of Nye County and Southern Nevada have a right to know? How about all of us good ol' American Taxpayers?!!!
                                                                                                               Scot M Tway
                                                                                                             Auburn, Alabama

PS: Photos resized for storage considerations, Full Resolution photos available. SMT